Hello, my name is Liz Olver.

I believe we have the means both, within and without ourselves, to restore balance to our lives when life in general, and circumstances, take us off-course. We are all able to improve our physical health and emotional well-being through self-help and self-empowering therapies and techniques available.

lizprofile I am a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, and trainer, registered with the Bach Centre in the UK. I use the Bach flower remedies to balance negative emotions,  and restore the positive state of those emotions, thus giving one the ability to manage day to day life problems, before they become unmanageable. These remedies also support us  in finding and fulfilling our true life potential. I offer Bach consultations, as well as the preparation and supply of individual and personalized treatment bottles. I also teach Bach Centre approved and certified Level 1 Introductory and Level 2 Advanced courses, which have been recently introduced into South Africa. I can  arrange training for personalized groups. I am a Brain Gym facilitator registered with Brain Gym® in SA. I use the 26 Brain Gym movements within the practice of Edu K – educational kinesiology (learning through movement) to bring about change and personal growth in areas of learning, motivation, behavioural situations, and life in general. I promote and encourage the use of various self-help products such as “vibrational” mouth sprays, mineral salts, and nutrients that boost the immune system and assist the body’s own healing process to do its job.  I believe strongly in the benefits of healthy nutrition and as per the wise words of Hippocrates – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.  I follow the emerging belief and theories that our gut is our second brain, and optimal gut health is the starting point to all round health. To bring balance and harmony to our beings, I maintain that we first need to practice mindfulness, and notice what is happening around us, and  be consciously aware of how we act, react and manage our situations and circumstances. That is the first step in the process of taking control  of our lives, and realizing that there might be areas that need more focus and attention. We are all as individual as our fingerprints so this awareness will differ from person to person, but each and every one of us  feels emotions, and through the mind-body-soul connection we intuitively know when things are not “in sync” or comfortably aligned.  Most of us lead busy, rushed lives and we seldom stop and smell the roses, or take time out to notice how we feel, and/or why we feel the way we do.   By being more consciously aware of ourselves, and every now and then by taking time out to do nothing; by being alone; being silent; being outside; being grateful for  the beauty, colours and sounds of nature;  consciously appreciating our 5 senses; consciously experiencing the 4 elements;  acknowledging the 3 tenses (particularly the present),  we will become mindful, more grounded and aware of what we can be grateful for,  what we are missing, and what needs attention in our lives.  From this base point, we can  draw on our inner strength , seek out the help we need, and change the things that don’t resonate well within us. I am registered with both the Natural Healers Association and the Traditional Healers Organisation in South Africa.