Hello, my name is Liz Olver.

I offer a number of options to restore balance to our lives when we face challenges and disappointments. We are all able to improve our physical health and emotional well-being through self-help and self-empowering therapies and techniques available.

I am a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, and trainer, and I use the Bach flower remedies to balance negative emotions,  and restore the positive state of those emotions.  I offer Bach consultations, and Bach Centre certified courses, as well as the preparation and supply of individual and personalized treatment bottles.
I  use Integrated Healing as another means to bring relief from emotional, mental and physical dysfunctions.  IH is a safe system that combines its own unique modalities with the best of Kinesiology, NLP, CBT, life coaching, Quantum Science, traditional Chinese medicine and other modalities.  healing process to do its job.
I am a Brain Gym facilitator registered with Brain Gym® in SA. I use the 26 Brain Gym movements within the practice of Edu K – educational kinesiology (learning through movement) to bring about change and personal growth in areas of learning, motivation, behavioural situations, and life in general.
I believe strongly in the benefits of healthy nutrition and as per the words of Hippocrates – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.  I follow the emerging belief and theories that our gut is our second brain, and optimal gut health is the starting point to all round health.  Our hearts are also closely wired with our brains and it is said, our hearts send more messages to the brain, than the brain send to the heart.