Bach Courses


 We offer Bach Centre approved courses in SA through the

Bach International Education Programme


Level 1 Introductory 

This is a 2 day Introductory course . This course will give one a comprehensive knowledge of the 38 Bach flower remedies, Rescue Remedy, as well as information on how the remedies work, the general philosophy behind the workings, how to select them, and how to take them. After completion of this course, you will be able to help yourself, family, friends and pets with a selection of remedies to help them with imbalanced  or negative feelings, moods and emotions.


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Level 2 Advanced 

This is also a 2 day course and goes into a deeper level of understanding the remedies, and the more subtle aspects of using the remedies, as well as the differences and comparisons between certain remedies, and a fuller understanding of the underlying philosophy.


Level 3  Practitioner Level 

This 4 day course is aimed at the professional and trainee practitioners. It deals with the philosophy of self-help and its application within the context of professional practice. The course is followed by a period of approximately six months, during which time there will be written theory work and case studies based on work with clients. The course is assessed by both examination and course work. After successful completion of the Level 3, one is entitled to apply to be added to the International Register of Bach Practitioners.



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 Level 1  – Johannesburg – 2019

 11 / 12  July

              04 / 05 October  

    COST:   R 2500.00


 Level 2  – Johannesburg  – 2019

25 / 26 July

11 / 12 October  

COST:   R 3000


Level 3 – Johannesburg – 13, 14, 15, 16 November 

Other courses can be arranged  in cities and centres where we have the demand and sufficient  participants.

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