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Brain Gym® is an another effective tool to restore balance and union within our minds bodies and souls – we are continually learning and Brain Gym aids the learning process, be it for intellectual, physical, emotional or spiritual growth.

When you are under stress, frustrated,  anxious, or “trying too hard” the brain reacts by blocking the flow of information to both hemispheres….. one hemisphere “turns off”. Through Edu-K, and by using Brain Gym® movements, we can activate or “switch-on” both hemispheres, and rewire the connection, so whole-brain learning kicks in again.

“If we are in a survival state (stress, anxiety, frustration) the body goes into a reactive mode and only assists us in surviving. In this shutdown state, learning and memory are radically decreased and the joy and enthusiasm of life are diminished.”

 – Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.



To improve one’s ability to learn, the brain has to function as a whole. When the different parts of the brain are not communicating with each other or working together as a whole, learning “blocks” are created and prevent information from getting into, or out of, the brain. This can happen when we try “too hard”.  The brain directs its focus to the area of stress, so mental energy is drained from other areas. This results in, not only, learning difficulties, but also in our ability to cope with certain life situations.

We all have our own unique brain organisation in that we differ with regards to which brain, eye, ear, hand and foot are dominant, and which of those take the lead in differing situations.  This brain organisation plays a significant role in how learning takes place, and also, in how a person reacts or responds in different situations.

It is unfortunate that in that most primary and secondary schools today, this is not taken into account, and all learners have to “learn” according to the system as it is.  It would help, if we could ascertain how each learner processes and absorbs information, and then adapt the lesson to them accordingly  i.e. we could be Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic learners and learn best from one of those individual  teaching methods. Logistically, it is impossible to accommodate all learning styles in one system.  We can, however,  assist different learners, by encouraging the regular daily practice of Brain Gym® movements,  which will switch on the “whole brain” for easier learning…..and so  enable the different types of learners  – auditory, kinesthetic and visual  – to absorb, process and recall the information , even though it may not be through their preferred channels. Brain Gym® gives learners the necessary skills needed to cope with the stresses and demands of school, work, and home situations.


I offer Brain Gym consultations to assist with learning and / or co-ordination problems, and to bring about change in areas where you feel “stuck”. It might be academic, social, communication or relationship problems – by changing the way you look at a situation, the situation can change.  The Brain Gym movements are most effective in the context of a Balance. We usually find that after 2 or 3 balances, the required changes have occurred.

The Balance Process

In educational kinesiology,   we use a Brain Gym “balance” process to help learners, of all ages both young and old , unlock their potential and reach their goals.  Here is the 5 step balance process:

  1. We warm up the brain with a set of activities called PACE.  We then set a  goal or intention, and define it accurately.
  1. We carry out a series of quick checks and in-depth checks on the 3 brain dimensions to determine which of the  dimensions need to be worked on, or “switched on” in order to reach this goal.
  1. We perform the necessary movements that are determined by what the body needs for this goal. We continue with the various movements until all dimensions are switched on.
  1. We re-assess the quick checks and in-depth checks, and this is the point where we see the improvement. All dimensions should now be “switched on” and the attitude towards achieving the previous set goal or intention has shifted and is totally different from the beginning of the balance.
  1. We celebrate the change that has occurred and set a plan to maintain these changes going forward.

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